Creepy Comix from the Michael Nuñez Vault, Part 1: “The hunger of the Wendigo”

You probably know his movie posters, and you might’ve seen his historical scenes, but even hardcore Michael Nuñez fans don’t know about his zines, chock full of the incredible detail, canny framing, and fantastical monsters we all know and love.

You can find Michael’s work in SFMOMA’s Library/Archives, but we’re making it more accessible here, for the first time.


A graphite pencil drawing of an ominous human-like figure with outstretched claws, threatening two people in the foreground. The title is hand-drawn, with the word "Wendigo" dripping with... blood?
The hunger of The Wendigo
The story is inspired by the stories or legends
of the Wendigo by the Algonqinn tribes in
Canada and the United States.
There’ll be scary and terrifying looking
The story of course is fictional as well as fictional
characters. I hope you enjoy it.
Written, illustrated and
By Michael Nuñez
Three graphic panels - a car exterior, an interior of Heather in the passenger seat, an interior of Daniel driving.

It was in Nova Scotia province in Canada in 2007. Two college couple from the Dalhouse University went out on a camping trip in the forest.

21 year old Heather William was excited because she and her boyfriends can be by themselves alone.

22 year old Daniel Sanders was excited as well, he enjoy camping as a kid and now he and Heather are camping together.
Three graphic panels - aerial view of the car driving through the woods; front view of the car driving through tall trees; Heather and Daniel wearing backpacks, walking through the woods.

They soon got off the main road and to the dirt road that leads to the forest.

They soon stop not too far from the dirt road.

They then walk through the woods until they found the perfect spot to camp.
Three graphic panels - a row of dense trees around a clearing; Daniel setting up a tent; Heather holding a bunch of sticks in her arms.
The spot was on a small clearing where there are thick trees at the edge of the forest.

Daniel worked on setting up the tent.

And Heather worked on collecting fire wood.
Three graphic panels - Heather and Daniel roasting marshmallows; a close-up of Heather's face; a close-up of Daniel's face.

It was now 11:05pm and the two were sitting by the fire, having some s’mores and talked. [Daniel:] “Yeah, that’s what I love about camping. The forest air, the birds chirping, the smell of nature…” [Heather:] “It sure is nice to be outdoors away from the city.

[Heather:] “Spending it with someone you love?”

[Daniel:] “Yep.”
Four graphic panels: seen from behind, Heather resting her head on Daniel's shoulder; an exterior view of the tent; Daniel and Heather embracing; an exterior view of the tent and forest.
They enjoy spending time together as people in love always do.

When it was 12:00am it was time to get in and get some sleep.

… but not before they sleep they decided to have some passion.

Bu then… (Animal like scream)!!

Four graphic panels: Heather and Daniel looking concerned; Daniel peeking out of the opening in the tent; a row of trees; a close-up of Daniel looking out of the tent.
Heather: “What was that?

Daniel: “No idea, I’ll check it out.

Daniel had camping experience and heard all animal noises… but nothing like this.

Daniel: “Hmmm… so far, nothing. What’s going on. I guess it was just… wait… what the?
Four graphic panels: a view of the forest; Daniel holding binoculars, addressing Heather inside the tent; Daniel looking through the binoculars; an extreme close-up of one of the lenses of the binoculars.
The. out of the trees there’s a strange gangaly thin figure coming up from the forests.

Since it was far he grab a pair of binoculars.

Heather: “What’s going on Daniel?”

Daniel: “Something’s coming out of the forest. Alright let’s see what you… Oh God…”

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