All Of Us

The Building Blocks of NIAD

Vision: Our vision is a unified community where everyone is included, and art makes the individual and their story visible.

Mission: NIAD promotes creative expression, independence, dignity and community integration for people with disabilities.


  1. Diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility
  2. Open, straightforward communication
  3. Support, respect, and safe spaces
  4. Our community and the opportunity to work together
  5. Environmental awareness and sustainability
  6. Artistic growth and hard work
  7. Exploration, change, taking risks, and failing forward
  8. Trust, mindfulness, and self-ownership
  9. The needs and perspectives of others
  10. Humor, fun, and joy!

Theory of Change: Through its visual arts studio program, NIAD gives people with disabilities the skills and experience to express themselves, be independent and earn income as an artist. This nurturing community of artists fosters experimentation, increases competence to make informed choices and increases connections of diverse communities through the commonality of creative expression.

Our Administration

Executive Director // Amanda Eicher

Community Programs Director // Arden Fredman

Development Manager // Alice Wu

Office Manager // Ingrid Alonso-Rodriguez

Online Services Coordinator // Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh

Gallery Manager // Julio Rodriguez

Online Exhibitions Coordinator // Em Kettner


Studio Manager // Liam Golden

Studio Manager // Nan Collymore

Community Programs Manager // Shantanice Jones

Community Programs Manager // Terri Moore

Studio Facilitator // Andres Cisneros-Galindo

Studio Facilitator // Maria Guzman Capron

Studio Facilitator // Kieren Dutcher

Studio Facilitator // Kim Huhta

Studio Facilitator // Em Kettner

Studio Facilitator // Mara Poliak

Studio Facilitator // Chelsea Smith

Studio Facilitator // Josh Solis

Studio Facilitator // Emma Spertus

Studio Facilitator // Bill Zindel

Studio Facilitator +Community Programs Associate // Josh Vidal

Studio Facilitator + Community Programs Associate // Amber Avalos


Board of Directors

Chairperson // Pam Martin

Vice-Chairperson // Karen DiDomenicis

Treasurer // Jay Youngdahl

Secretary // Antonia Dapena-Tretter

Sarah Rothstein

Lizeht Zepeda