Michael Nuñez

Michael Nuñez uses a graphic style — influenced by animation and comic strips (as a matter of fact, he’s designed a comic zine) — to retell various cultural myths and moments from Noah’s Ark to the moonwalk to various Mexican folk tales.

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recent exhibition history

Into the Brightness: Artists from Creativity Explored, Creative Growth & NIAD // Oakland Museum of California // May 2023

Larger Than Life: S/Heroes, GOATs, and Other Legends organized by Zoya Kocur // NIAD Online Exhibition // February 2023

Search Engine organized by Diego Leclery // NIAD Online Exhibition // January 2023

Holiday Gift Guide // “Between Worlds” organized by Joey Enos // NIAD Online Exhibition // December 2022

NIAD Ink: 35 Years of Prints organized by Andrés Cisneros-Galindo // Online Exhibition // December 2022

Face In the Crowd, organized by René Smith // NIAD Online Exhibition // August 2022

Whales and Pencil Holders, organized by Emma Spertus // NIAD Annex Exhibition // September 2022

Feeling Language, organized by Kate Laster // NIAD Gallery Exhibition // October 2022

In Love., organized by Meg Pohlod // NIAD Online Exhibition // May 2022

Creature Comfort, organized by Sydney Pfaff // NIAD Online Exhibition // April 2022

Quiet, organized by Matthew Pawlowski // NIAD Online Exhibition // April 2022

Ripples, organized by Esther Mallouh // UC Hastings Law, San Francisco // March 2022

Connect the Dots // SAIC Wellness Center, Chicago, IL // March 2022

WIN WIN 10 Silent Auction Preview Exhibition // NIAD Gallery Exhibition // February 2022

Innersense, ushered by Germán Herrera // NIAD Online Exhibition // January 2022

Holiday Gift Guide #5, organized by Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh // NIAD Online Exhibition // December 2021

Stories, organized by B. Wurtz // NIAD Online Exhibition // November 2021

Faces in the Crowd, selected by Elizabeth Lalley // NIAD Online Exhibition // December 2020

The Rim of Morning, organized by Chelsea Smith // Open Window Collective, San Francisco // 2020

Disability Changemakers // (traveling exhibition) San Mateo, San Francisco and San Jose County public libraries // March 2019

Together, organized by Laurie Reid // NIAD Art Center // 2018

recent press

Connect the Dots exhibition catalog // Wellness Center, School of the Art Institute of Chicago // April 2022

The Editorial Magazine: Nurturing Independence Through Artistic Development (July 27, 2020)