Let the Water Flow!

Celebrating Rami Geller

Dear NIAD Lovers:

NIAD’s artists have dreamed since the pandemic began of hearing the calming sound of water coming from a fountain in our beautiful courtyard garden. Life on 23rd Street does get loud sometimes, and we could all use a little extra peace. 

Enter Rami Geller, who made so many dreams come true for NIAD during his lifetime. His warmth and enthusiasm for connection and community widened NIAD’s circle in so many ways, from organizing numerous exhibitions for NIAD artists on the UC Berkeley campus to bringing friends and supporters each year to Win Win, our annual fundraiser.

In the wake of Rami’s passing last year, his family and friends created the Rami’s Fountain Fund, an apt tribute to a man who was such a source of vitality. Rami’s Fountain is a large-scale collaborative sculpture featuring work by more than a dozen artists at NIAD as well as Rami’s own family, who glazed beautiful tiles for its basin.

This month we will welcome them to NIAD to celebrate the sound of flowing water in our courtyard and, of course, Rami’s legacy of bringing people together. We are incredibly grateful for their gifts, and for ensuring Rami is remembered in a lasting way for his generosity of spirit.

Will you be on 23rd Street soon? Drop us a line—we’d love to share Rami’s legacy with you.

In Community,
Amanda Eicher