Stay Tuned: NIAD’s artists are receiving a cost of living increase!

You may have noticed that pricing for artworks by NIAD artists is very reasonable – and we aim to keep it that way. We believe collecting art should be attainable for everyone!

However, with most artists at NIAD earning less than $100 monthly from art sales, and costs rising in the world at large, we are aiming to provide artists and NIAD a cost-of-living-increase after holding artwork prices steady for quite some time. 

As you probably know, NIAD splits all proceeds from art sales with artists in an art world standard 50/50% split. This won’t change – NIAD’s art sales still provide monthly commission checks to artists, and the rest keeps NIAD’s studios open so that artists continue creating more artworks. 

However, we’re adding as little as ten dollars to our lowest-priced objects, and modest increments to works on paper, canvas, fiber, and other departments in NIAD’s inventory. We think you’ll still find something you love, and we know that NIAD’s artists will benefit. 

After all, they are some of the hardest working creative workers in the business, practicing up to five days a week, sometimes for decades. Take a look at NIAD’s inventory and see what you think – price increases will be in process between now and July 15, when all the new prices will be permanent. Have a question about an artwork, a price, or an artist’s practice? Reach out to us at NIAD’s Gallery – we’re always happy to talk. 

Image: Sylvia Fragoso, Untitled (F00045)