NIAD Is Hiring!

Two Open Positions: Gallery Assistant, Communications Intern

NIAD is an organization that aims to be artistically relevant and culturally inclusive. As an organization we deliver these aims through our operations activities as well as through the three programs we offer: NIAD’s Virtual and 23rd Street Studios, Community Programs, and Art Marketing and Partnerships. 

NIAD’s Art Marketing and Exhibitions Team represents NIAD Studio Artists in all aspects of art sales. Art Marketing manages on-site and off-site gallery exhibitions; oversees inventory processes; coordinates licensing and purchasing of art in NIAD’s online, on-site, and off-site venues; develops marketing and communications to continually broaden NIAD’s audience; and stewards partnerships around visibility of NIAD Studio Artists’ work.

Our very active team aims to deliver an exceptional experience for new and existing collectors and audiences, our artist community and their care providers, our highly collaborative staff group as a whole, and our many partners.

In every position, we aim to support NIAD’s continued growth and expansion. As the organization realizes the vision of our artists and wider community, our Art Marketing team maintains a vital stream of income for NIAD’s highly diverse group of artists and audiences, and expands visibility for these stakeholders in the highly competitive artworlds where their art helps define the contemporary. As such, we want to ensure representation of the communities that we serve, both in terms of diversity within our teams, and in generating engagement and involvement from people who have been historically under-represented, including new staff. 

NIAD supports inclusivity and visibility in all areas of our working practices and spaces and wants to make sure that opportunities are accessible in all ways and that all voices are truly heard and contribute to our future. We actively encourage individuals from marginalized groups to apply, in particular those from traditionally under-represented groups, e.g., people with disabilities, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ candidates.

If you require any accommodations in order to most effectively participate in the application process, please contact Ingrid Alonso-Rodriguez,, or 510 620 0290.

The deadline to apply is April 3.

Gallery Assistant

The Gallery Assistant works closely with the Gallery Programs Coordinator and Exhibitions and Collections Associate, as well as NIAD’s Art Marketing Director. Pay range is $25.25-$30/hour

To apply for this position, please direct your cover letter and CV or resume to

Download the full Gallery Assistant position listing here.

Communications Intern

The Communications Intern works closely with the Accessibility and Communications Specialist, as well as NIAD’s Art Marketing Director.

To apply for this position, please direct your cover letter and CV or resume to

Download the full Communications Intern position listing here.