Save the Date // Win Win 11!

A round neon logo on a black background. A red outer ring and blue inner ring contain small yellow stars. In the inner circle, pink all caps san serif text reads WIN WIN. Smaller mint green serif text reads "Eleven".

NIAD’s Annual Fundraiser

Saturday March 11

3:00 to 7:00PM

NIAD Art Center

Dear NIAD Lovers:

At NIAD, the new year is opening with quite a bit of storm and bluster.

Through it all, we’re able to move our programs online for everyone’s safety – largely because NIAD’s supporters have made it possible to maintain a thriving Virtual Studio where we can meet despite the weather. 

For this and for the bounty that has carried us through our 40th year and into a new decade, we are feeling grateful and fortunate. 

January 1 kicks off a season of preparation for Win Win 11 – we hope you’ll join us on March 11 at NIAD as we celebrate with our annual fundraiser. 

As we get ready, NIAD’s artists, staff, and community will be reflecting on the generosity of our supporters, the gratitude that helps spotlight all we can do together, and the immense luck that means we are ready to realize possibilities that come our way.

In the coming year, we can’t wait to reflect on these two guiding lights – gratitude and good fortune – with you all. 

And together we’ll create more – more accessibility in NIAD’s studios, more capacity to connect virtually, more opportunities for artists, and more ways for our community to gather, celebrate, and innovate in Richmond and beyond. 

May it be a year of bright possibility and maintaining connection, no matter what storms come our way.

In community,


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