Win Win 11 Fundraiser: You Did It!

Thank you!

This year’s Win Win fundraiser was, once again, the most successful ever, surpassing even the record-breaking 40th anniversary party we celebrated last year.

It’s NIAD’s larger community of support – namely, all of you reading this – who ensure that from afar, early support defines success for Win Win; and that up close, we have a chance to see the incredible crowd that comes together in Richmond each year to build bounty for NIAD each spring.

Many of you sponsor our event, as individuals, galleries, corporations, and teams of NIAD donors; and we see those of you who build collections rich with NIAD art.

Win Win 11 featured more donations after the event than any other year – bringing us closer every day to our ‘stretch’ goal of $70,000 – and we thank those of you who continue giving.

Back in person, NIAD’s volunteer team is larger than ever, and the hours of work contributed to Win Win topped the charts this time.

And of course our artists and families, staff and friends, are the treasure who direct, sustain, and define NIAD – their work makes Win Win happen, and Win Win supports this vital community to continue growing through another year.

You make all of this possible, and our gratitude for your support extends beyond Win Win 11 – it lasts all year long.

In gratitude,

Amanda Eicher