Shawn Sanders

Shawn Sanders joined the NIAD community in 2021. He credits his mother for encouraging his natural artistic talent, stating, “My mother got me into art. I started coloring and painting. When I got here [to NIAD], I had never done ceramics before but nobody believes me. They say it looks like I’ve been doing it for years.”

Shawn’s works often include imprinted or carved eyes and a palette of deep, jeweled colors. When asked what themes he likes to explore within his art, he responded, “Dark obscured contents of the universe—what’s out there? I do ceramics, jewelry and painting, but right now I like ceramics the most. I get here and start from scratch. However it comes out, that’s how it comes out. I would rather do my own thing, being free to make anything in my head.”

“I’ve always wanted to make something that’s different, like I just did a spaceship, and I am doing totem poles and masks right now. I also made a platter for my mom. I thank my mom for getting me into art. It’s fun, relaxing.”

 // Shawn’s available work //

exhibition history

Small Wonders, organized by kg // NIAD Online Exhibition // July 2023

Into the Brightness: Artists from Creativity Explored, Creative Growth & NIAD // Oakland Museum of California // May 2023

Art of the African Diaspora 2023 Satellite Exhibition // Warehouse 416, Oakland // February 2023

Search Engine organized by Diego Leclery // NIAD Online Exhibition // January 2023

Art of the African Diaspora 2023 by Richmond Art center// January – March 2023

Whales and Pencil Holders, organized by Emma Spertus // NIAD Annex Exhibition // September 2022

Question Mark, organized by Betsy Odom // NIAD Online Exhibition // August 2022

Eternal Idol, curated by Emily Harris // NIAD Online Exhibition // February 2022

LENS // NIAD Windows Exhibition // January 2022