NIAD x Christie’s // Future History: The Katz Legacy

An exhibition of NIAD artists at Christie’s San Francisco

We’re thrilled to be a part of “Future History: The Katz Legacy”, an exhibition at Christie’s San Francisco on view December 2-9.

NIAD studio artists Dorian Reid (courtesy of Kapp Kapp Gallery), Shana Harper, Jeremy Burleson, Sam Gant, Felicia Griffin, Tre’von Silva, and Shantae Robinson will represent NIAD in the show, and we’re honored to share the space with incredible artists from our sister studios Creative Growth and Creativity Explored.

Do you know about the Katzes? They’re an innovative, awe-inspiring couple – artist and art educator Florence Ludins-Katz,  and her husband psychologist Dr. Elias Katz – who moved to Berkeley in the mid-60’s just as the unintended consequences of public psychiatric hospitals were beginning to be deeply felt in their community. After hosting a group of artists with disabilities for a art-making gathering, they were motivated to found the first of what is now referred to as a “Progressive Art Studio” in their garage. 

Curator Larry Rinder describes the Katzes’ (or Katz) approach: “Giving adult artists with developmental disabilities an opportunity to work in communal studios at hours which reflected the common work hours, five days a week 9-5, that these centers be connected to the art world, that there be a gallery connected to the studio, that there not be teachers but facilitators who would assist the artists in making their work, and that there would be a sales element.”

It has proved to be a profoundly direct, generative and life-changing model for artists who participate, and dozens of similar studios now exist across the country and around the world.

This exhibition is a wonderful testament to their legacy and elegantly reinforces NIAD’s tagline “Redefining Contemporary Art”.

Future History: The Katz Legacy

December 2-9

Christie’s San Francisco

49 Geary Street Suite 530

San Francisco, CA