Peter Harris

The following text is an edited conversation conducted between Peter Harris and NIAD art facilitator Emma Spertus.

ES: What kind of art do you like to make at NIAD?

PH: I like painting, printmaking, clay, and dance.

ES: When you work with clay, how do you feel?

PH: Happy, my fingers are excited. In the end, I’m happy about what I made. I like to show my mom [my work].

ES: You have a great sense of color. What do you like about colors?

PH: Like the colors. All of them.

ES: What is your method, planning ahead or making it up?

PH: Make it up. I like making art at NIAD. When I am done, I like to show it to people.

ES: Do you like to try new things?

PH: Yes. I like my art. I like coming to NIAD.

ES: You have been at NIAD a long time. What do you think of NIAD?

PH: I like NIAD. Art. Art. I have learned art.

ES: Why do you like making art?

PH: I like art, I like seeing art.

ES: Is there something you want to make in the future?

PH: More art.

// Peter’s available work // 

exhibition history

Untangling Webs: A Journey In Abstract Textiles, organized by Alexander Hernandez // NIAD Online Exhibition // July 2023

Into the Brightness: Artists from Creativity Explored, Creative Growth & NIAD // Oakland Museum of California // May 2023

Golden Hour, organized by Poppy Dodge // NIAD Online Exhibition // April 2023

Empty Kind Of Full, organized by Tara Neuffer // NIAD Online Exhibition // May 2023

A NIAD Art Books Show, organized by NIAD artist Karen May // NIAD Online Exhibition // May 2023

Animal, Animal, Vegetable, Vegetable, Mineral, Mineral organized by Nick Schutzenhofer // NIAD Online Exhibition // March 2023

Rainbow Cat Picnic organized by Cynthia Ona Innis // NIAD Online Exhibition // March 2023

Waking, Breathing, Making! organized by Laura Kamian McDermott // NAID Online Exhibition // February 2023

Puzzles In Print organized by Delilah Ponton // NIAD Online Exhibition // February 2023

Search Engine organized by Diego Leclery // NIAD Online Exhibition // January 2023

I Dreamt the Sun Was in My Bed Organized By SF State University’s Fall 2022 Exhibition Design Class // NIAD Online Exhibition // December 2022

Holiday Gift Guide // “Between Worlds” organized by Joey Enos // NIAD Online Exhibition // December 2022

Feeling Language, organized by Kate Laster // NIAD Gallery Exhibition // October 2022

Whales and Pencil Holders, organized by Emma Spertus // NIAD Annex Exhibition // September 2022

Day Or Night It Looks Like Night, organized by Liliana Herrera // NIAD Gallery Exhibition // September 2022

Mash Up, organized by Kiera Lofgreen // NIAD Online Exhibition // September 2022

Question Mark, organized by Betsy Odom // NIAD Online Exhibition // August 2022

Touching, organized by Zachary Epcar // NIAD Online Exhibition // July 2022

A New Geometry, organized by e bond // NIAD Online Exhibition // July 2022

Many Happy Returns, organized by Liam Golden and Bill Zindel // ODC Theater, SF // April 2022

Superbloom, organized by Erin McCluskey Wheeler // NIAD Gallery Exhibition // April 2022

Layers Upon Layers, curated by Shenny Cruces// Archival Gallery, Sacramento // March 2022

WIN WIN 10 Silent Auction Preview Exhibition // NIAD Gallery Exhibition // February 2022

Day or Night it Looks Like Night, curated by Liliana Herrera // NIAD Online Exhibition // February 2022

Voice Inside, organized by Sunila Bajracharya // NIAD Online Exhibition // January 2022

Be Heard. Speak Up., organized by Fenwick & West // NIAD Windows Exhibition // 2020  

Good On Paper: Erin McCluskey Wheeler x NIAD // NIAD Art Center // 2020

Have/Hold, organized by Julia Schwartz NIAD Art Center // 2019

Ether Here Nor There: Anthony Grant x NIAD // NIAD Art Center // 2019

Hailing From Parts Unknown, organized By Curtis Turner // May 2019 

Forests And Clearings, organized By Wayne Smith // NIAD Art Center // 2019

Books, Man, organized by Mike Monteiro // NIAD Art Center // 2019

Redefining Contemporary Art, organized by Courtney Eldridge // Depot Steamboat Springs // 2019

Where They Want To Go, organized by Erin McCluskey Wheeler // NIAD Art Center // 2019

Talking Heads: Figuration From Northern California Ceramicists, organized by Susan Alexander and NIAD Art Center // Museum of Northern California Art (monca), Chico // 2018

It’s Complicated, organized by Kathleen King // NIAD Art Center // 2018

The Genre Leaps, organized by Margaret Tedesco // NIAD Art Center // 2018

Can Did, organized By Julio Rodriguez // NIAD Art Center // 2018

Thread Heads // Berkeley Art Center // 2017

Peter Harris x Eddie Braught // NIAD Art Center // 2017

Affinity, organized by Tim Buckwalter // Museum of Northern California Art (monca), Chico // 2017

The Fourth Dimension, organized by Marja Galpin van der Loo // NIAD Art Center // 2017

Spring/ Summer Exhibition, organized by Arianne Gelardin // PARLOR San Francisco // 2017

Shapeshifting Superheavies, organized by Jessica Snow // NIAD Art Center // 2017

Mayor Tom Butt Selects The Art Of NIAD // Mayor’s Suite, City Hall, Richmond // 2017

Curious Weave, organized by Ramekon O’Arwisters // NIAD Art Center // 2016

Abstract Preferences, organized by Anthony Pinata // NIAD Art Center // 2016

Assemble: A NIAD Art Center Project with Nina Zurier, organized by Nina Zurier // NIAD Art Center // 2015

Ebony + Ivory, organized by Katie Johnson // NIAD Art Center // 2014

Mud, Honey // NIAD Art Center // 2013

Championship Vinyl // NIAD Art Center // 2013

A Light That Never Goes Out: Continuing Traditions In Abstraction // NIAD Art Center // 2013

recent press

San Francisco Arts Quarterly: The Art Circus Comes To Town (2013, May)