Lupe Soto

Lupe is a visual artist whose work focuses primarily on painting and drawing. Lupe likes to work in layers, sharing that first she likes to paint, and then, when the painting is dry, she likes to draw on top of the paint. Lupe says collage is a fun process, but glue is messy, which she doesn’t like as much.

A devoted colorist, Lupe likes all colors, but especially red. In her home she likes to make jewelry and write in her journals. Lupe’s mother is an important figure in her life and art practice who always encourages her. Another important influence for Lupe’s practice are Disney animated films, especially the Frozen films.

In the future Lupe wants to explore dancing and singing more and to continue to develop her painting practice. 

 // Lupe’s available work //

exhibition history

Day Or Night It Looks Like Night, organized by Liliana Herrera // NIAD Gallery Exhibition // September 2022

Mash Up, organized by Kiera Lofgreen // NIAD Online Exhibition // September 2022

Day or Night it Looks Like Night, curated by Liliana Herrera // NIAD Online Exhibition // February 2022

NIAD Art Center x Mills Building // Mills Building, San Francisco // February – June 2022

Eternal Idol, curated by Emily Harris // NIAD Online Exhibition // February 2022

LENS // NIAD Windows Exhibition // January 2022