Julie MacDonald

How long have you been working at NIAD? 

I’ve been coming to NIAD about 7 years. 

What are some of your favorite materials to work with? 

I like ceramics. I like to make bowls because I enjoy the clay. The colors are very important to me; red, blue, orange, pink. No black. I just don’t like it. I like bright colors. 

I’m curious if you could tell me something about your drawings. 

In my drawings I like different colors. I use colored crayons, paints, colored pencils. Using a ruler is an important tool. 

What’s next for you in your practice? 

I want to continue working. I want to learn sewing and to make pillows. I want to make new fashions, like a shirt or a jacket. 

How do you like to work? Is there something important to you for creating new work?

I like to listen to music while I work. I like jazz and rock and roll. Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson especially. 

Is there someone important to you in your creative work? A mentor, teacher or friend? 

I like to work next to Karen May. She does the same kind of work I do. We get along together, we’re close. 

Do you have a favorite memory at NIAD? 

I like the NIAD picnic. I like BBQ ribs, baked beans and potato salad. 


// Julie’s available work // 

exhibition history

Into the Brightness: Artists from Creativity Explored, Creative Growth & NIAD // Oakland Museum of California // May 2023

The Shape We’re in Feels Like the Colors of Hope, organized by Cynthia Branvall // NIAD Online Exhibition // May 2023

Rainbow Cat Picnic organized by Cynthia Ona Innis // NIAD Online Exhibition // March 2023

Making in Color organized by Edwige Charlot // NIAD Online Exhibition // November 2022

Superbloom, organized by Erin McCluskey Wheeler // NIAD Gallery Exhibition // April 2022

WIN WIN 10 Silent Auction Preview Exhibition // NIAD Gallery Exhibition // February 2022

Holiday Gift Guide #6: Win Win 10 Sneak Preview, organized by Isabel Xilonen Ortiz // NIAD Online Exhibition // December 2021

Through My Eyes, organized by Scott Hewicker and Cliff Hengst // NIAD Art Center // 2020

Ether Here Nor There: Anthony Grant x NIAD // NIAD Art Center // 2019

CE x CG x NIAD // Minnesota Street Projects, San Francisco // 2019 

Hailing From Parts Unknown, organized By Curtis Turner // NIAD Art Center // 2019 

Where They Want To Go, organized by Erin McCluskey Wheeler // NIAD Art Center // January 2019

All Of The Light, organized by Gina Borg // NIAD Art Center // 2017

Affinity, organized by Tim Buckwalter // Museum of Northern California Art, Chico // 2017

Julie MacDonald // NIAD Art Center // 2017

Variations On a Theme, organized by Robert Wuilfe // NIAD Art Center // 2016

New Kids On The Block 2 // NIAD Art Center // 2015