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NIAD Online Exhibition // “I Belong To Myself” organized by Maria Seda-Reeder

NIAD Online Gallery

Being an artist who helps bring new, radical ideas into the world is neither an easy nor simple task. So it takes a certain, special kind of magic—charisma, self-belief, instinct—to move through the world going against the grain, as innovative artists so often do. I'm honored to have the chance to put forth this small sampling of artists from NIAD, an organization that likewise is working at the forefront of contemporary art. 

NIAD Gallery Exhibition // “What’s Cookin?!,” organized by Terri Moore and the Cooking Corner class

NIAD Art Center 551 23rd Street, Richmond, CA, United States

This show is all about comfort text: resilience in everyday words, writing and reading. Expression can also be wordless, the use of line and color as new vocabulary, pushing a thought out onto a surface, making marks and continuously trying to communicate with the world.

We tell stories to sustain ourselves and find each other. These messages embedded in art become an emotional telegram– a signal flare with a flame of memory trailing behind it. "Feeling Language" is about books, lists, slogans, language, gesture, touch and the trust given in sharing.


“Follow The String” at Marin MOCA

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art

Curated by NIAD’s Emma Spertus and Julio Rodriguez with NIAD artists Felicia Griffin, Dorian Reid, and Kiesha White, the exhibition features artists from Cedars and NIAD, alongside artists from the broader Bay Area arts community. Follow the String showcases conventionally trained artists alongside artists with disabilities, blurring distinctions between "insider" and "outsider" art.

NIAD Annex Exhibition // “Crossover”

NIAD Art Center 551 23rd Street, Richmond, CA, United States

Crossover is an apt title for this show, which will showcase the vibrant and newly-connected fiber art scenes of NIAD and Cedars. Crossover is a companion to the textile-centered exhibition Follow the String, on view at Marin MOCA. In preparation for this show, artists from both programs visited each other's studios, and participated in a tee-shirt and doll making workshop at Marin MOCA. T-shirts and dolls from this workshop will be on view in NIAD and Marin MOCA.

NIAD Main Gallery Exhibition // “What’s Cookin?!”

NIAD Art Center 551 23rd Street, Richmond, CA, United States

In the exhibition What's Cookin?!, you will see food, art and creativity from various NIAD artists. So feel free to pull up a chair in your mind, take a seat at our dinner table, and see what's cookin'! Cooking Corner is a place where artists can share artwork, make art, share food ideas and recipes, and interests they have in cooking, and also cook along with me from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Since we have returned to being on site, Cooking Corner has made its way back to the 23rd Street NIAD studio, where myself and a group of artists meet weekly, and come up with recipes to prepare, prep, cook and serve to the NIAD community.

Gallery Reception // “We Make Art In Richmond” organized by Erin McCluskey Wheeler

NIAD Art Center 551 23rd Street, Richmond, CA, United States

All of the artists in the show, We Make Art in Richmond, really do exactly that. There are twenty artists here who work in a wide range of disciplines, from bookmaking, textiles, ceramics, printmaking, poetry, and painting.

Half of the artists work out of NIAD’s 23rd Street Studio and the other half work out of their homes or studios scattered throughout Richmond. There are artists who have put in decades making art and some that are just getting started.

In putting together this show, I wanted to shine a light on artists working in Richmond. I wanted this show to feel inspiring and exciting for future and present artists in our community. There are twenty artists in this show, but there could easily have been four times as many artists who are excelling at their craft, sharing their work globally, giving back to their communities, and making it happen here in Richmond.


NIAD's Annual Benefit Art Auction Win Win 12 // MAY 18, 2024