Online Exhibition: Artist of the Month Series: We Are Creating Our History curated by Deatra Colbert, Felicia Griffin, and Dorrie Reid

About the exhibition

“Black History Month is a time when I like to think about how we talk about our history together at NIAD. We learn about reading and cooking and printmaking and sewing. I’ve been thinking about how I’ve been coming here making art for a long time, and so I know I’m going down in history with NIAD.”

– Deatra Colbert

Over the past few years, NIAD artists have been delving deeper into the curatorial aspects of their practices by participating in our Artist of the Month program, which converts a portion of the communal studio into an installation and exhibition space. Working individually or in teams, artists elect to display completed work, experiment with wall murals and site-specific installations, or perform art, poetry, and music.

We are thrilled to present the following collection based on an Artist of the Month installation directed by Deatra Colbert, Felicia Griffin, and Dorrie Reid. Together, the artists selected NIAD art objects that honor Black History and cultural heritage. The exhibition culminated with an artist talk led by the curators, who each shared how their personal history influences the formal, symbolic, and narrative elements in their art practices.