NIAD Windows Exhibition // “6×6 x 6×6” organized by NIAD’s Exhibitions Team

About the exhibition

Around about January, while the new year is still fresh, little square canvases start slowly piling up around the 23rd Street Studio like gorgeous stalagmites. Just before the stacks reach a tipping point, NIAD’s Exhibitions Team swoops in to arrange them in a tidy grid in the NIAD Windows. 

Each square – be it painting, photo, fiber, ceramic, sculpture, drawing – measures 6 inches by 6 inches. There is room for 48 of them in the Windows, but there’s nearly a hundred more, waiting to be hand-picked and shipped off to their forever homes to ultimately rest on the shelf or the wall of a savvy WIN WIN 10 Early Bird Ticket Holder.

If you wait too long to buy your ticket, you’ll have to wait longer for your 6×6, too. If you miss the February 14 deadline and need a quick 6×6 fix to tide you over until March 5, don’t fret—you can always view them in the Windows.