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NIAD Online Exhibition // “Living forces,” organized by Fernanda Martinez

August 4, 2022 to August 10, 2022

A square wallhanging shot through with zips of yarn and two tassels at both bottom corners.

About Living forces

We as living creatures are always in search of experiences and stories that relate to us. We live in need to create a logical or causal connection in everything that we pursue. Our way of thinking, feeling, and acting come naturally to us, but there’s a fundamental disposition as human beings to look for the known, the familiar. 

When I look at these artworks, I see their existence and how they feel as living forces; some elements remain as independent organisms where forms play out their own life; unpredictably relating to and through the viewer’s experience. 

Art can provide everyone the opportunity to see more of the familiar and question our reality so we can embrace new ways of understanding ourselves and the world. 

About Fernanda Martinez

Fernanda Martínez is an Oakland based artist and founder of La Tinta Art. Through her abstract paintings and murals, Fernanda explores the relation with the environment by incorporating nature elements as themes. With an experimental and intuitive approach to her work, Fernanda’s pieces are unique statements that represent feelings of connection, expansion and growth.

Over the past years, Fernanda has exhibited her work throughout small galleries and local events; she has also collaborated with brands such as Anthropologie, Lulu and Georgia, World Market among others. Fernanda’s art can be found across the Bay Area and select online platforms.

View Fernanda Martinez’s “Living forces”


Artists in the Exhibition

Sylvia Fragoso
Luis Estrada
Michelle Nonnarath
Carlota Rodriguez
Saul Alegria
Evelyn Davis
Shawna Kinard
Dorian Reid
Heather Hamann
Tre’von Silva
Miguel Chacon
Alice Sampson
Julio Del Rio
Ann Meade
Bubba Trieber