Welcome Rebecca Teague and Maria Yates!

NIAD Adds Two Members to the Win Win 10 Event Team

Excitement for NIAD’s 40th Anniversary year and our upcoming Win Win 10 Benefit Auction is building,  and we’re thrilled to welcome two new members to the NIAD team who will take our fundraising game to the next level.

Rebecca Teague, Win Win 10 Event Director

Rebecca Teague

Rebecca Teague was born in Washington DC, raised in Chicago, IL and has lived in places as exotic as St Paul, MN and Ann Arbor, MI and now resides in Woodacre, CA. Educated in textiles and then photography at SFAI and SF Academy of Art. She has worked as a visual artist throughout her life, though an ask to teach teenagers photography and a serious longing to be on a team, brought her to her first nonprofit in 2007.

Since then she has worked at and with numerous Bay Area nonprofits. Previously she was the Development and Communications Coordinator at The San Geronimo Valley Community Center, a community based human services
and arts center. Through her work at the Community Center, she gained a deep appreciation for the service that the nonprofit and philanthropic sector provide. Rebecca lives in the West Marin woods with her family and their beloved dog Bonnie. In her spare time she is hiking, cooking, teaching herself the fine art of pleating and sewing plackets (thank you YouTube!), and creating large punch needle pieces of family homes.

“I am a full tilt Heather Copus fan. I find myself drawn to art that either pushes me or brings me super nostalgia— and Heather’s fits both. When I see her MASH prints, I can hear the opening credits playing through my house as a kid. Her KISS prints remind me of being completely fascinated with that band when I was young, and begging my parents for a KISS record player (which I got after shoveling snow from many early morning walkways). I like Heather’s bold designs and use of colors. I look forward to getting to know more of Heather’s work, and hopefully
Heather, during my time at NIAD.

This piece hangs in my kitchen.”

Heather Copus, Untitled (D8353)

“I love this linocut print. The blue. The shapes. KISS BAND in the

Heather Copus, Untitled (D3662)

Maria Yates

Maria Yates (pronounced “Mariah” as in “They call the wind…”) comes to NIAD via the Midwest. Although after 11 years the Bay Area has come to feel like home. Maria’s main passion in life is music. She started playing violin at age 3, switched to guitar, then trumpet, and finally landed on the voice as her main means of artistic expression. Maria was able to combine her love of music with her interests in experimentation and technology while pursuing a degree in Music Engineering Technology from Ball State University, Indiana.

Donzell Lewis, Untitled (S0020)

“I’m very much into fiber art right now, of which there are so very, many wonderful examples at NIAD. At the moment I’m drawn to the work of Donzell Lewis. There are so many aspects about it that I love. There are intersections between fashion, miniatures, pop culture, and re-use/re-claiming of found objects. To me Donzell’s art embraces a sort of bold, punk rock aesthetic coupled with the warmth and familiarity of knitting. I love it!”