The Latest from NIAD: WIN WIN Thank You!

Dear NIAD Lovers:

$47,000. Sometimes a number is so meaningful. 

This year, we asked our supporters to help us reach $40,000 at this year’s fundraiser, Win Win 10, to plant the seeds for NIAD’s next 40 years. 

You helped us sail past our goals, and into a new future.

By some measures $47,000 may seem modest, but we’re already getting to work, purchasing new tables for the studio, upgrading computers and technology equipment, renovating NIAD’s building with key accessibility upgrades. In a continually growing nonprofit, $47,000 goes a long way toward anchoring our next decades in creating platforms for artist leadership, staff training, community engagement, and rebuilding the various paths back to a studio that’s been a little more quiet since sheltering in place. 

Our photographers Renee Friedrich and RJ Mickelson will be sharing snaps from the evening’s festivities, and we’ll be sending 6×6 canvases and other artworks from our auctions to the lucky winners in the coming week.

We’re reflecting on the many successes and ideas that accompany every year’s fundraiser. Thanks are going out to our supporters, volunteers, and Win Win committee members. And we’re celebrating the moments that made the event so memorable. The food, thanks to Lexa Walsh, Daniel Gallegos, Robin Biles, Little Hill Lounge, and Leah Rosenberg! The videos – thanks to Joshua Solis, Rebecca Teague, David Jenkins, and the entire NIAD studio. 

The beauty of NIAD’s galleries, courtyard, and studios – thanks to NIAD’s studio facilitators, Gallery Manager Julio Rodriguez and the Art Marketing team, and creative contributor Nan Collymore, along with a stellar team of volunteers. 

Floral designers Tosha Stimage of Saint Flora and Sarah Schiek made our spaces sing with spring life. And you – you joined the virtual program, or met us in the courtyard for cake and paella, or you made sure to contribute online (or through the mail!) to the success of NIAD’s tenth Win Win, or you encouraged an artist or staff member to take care of themselves through the challenges of event season – together, we’re hitting all the highlights and making sure we can do it for another 40 years. 

Let us know what the highlights were for you – or submit that last donation – or send us your photos – or ask us how to get involved in NIAD’s future. We are here because of your support, and we’d love to hear from you. 

In community,

Amanda Eicher