From NIAD’s Director: Back to Studio!

For 25 years, Deatra has had a truly legendary practice as a studio artist at NIAD. 

Not only does Deatra work across mediums including fiber arts, printmaking, ceramics, drawing, and painting, she is a community connector. 

And so it’s fitting that this year, she was one of the first artists to return to our 23rd Street studio to work in person. In the video below, she shares her personal approach to making sure life in the Virtual Studio and on-site at NIAD stay continuous.

It’s all about friends – whether in the NIAD courtyard or studio, or on-screen in our Virtual sessions, Deatra’s connecting with NIAD artists and facilitators about a shared love for all things sports, and the creativity that comes from being surrounded by like minds. 

Want to hear more about Deatra’s practice? Stay tuned for her conversation with SFMOMA’s Babette Thomas on the museum podcast Raw Material – their upcoming episode features Deatra and other artists’ storytelling around Black Bay Area Art History and Futures. We can’t wait to tune in!

In Community,

Amanda Eicher