Free Stuff: NIAD Coloring Pages For You And Yours//

If you’re stuck in the house with your children or self-isolating yourself, we’ve got a gift for you!

Below are four PDFs of our most popular coloring books. Enjoy! And be safe, please.

Download (there is no limit) of as many as you like of the following:

  1. Jonathan Valdivias’ “After Lucian Freud” (a selection of images based on portraits from the famous figurative painter by NIAD’s Jonathan Valdivias)
  2. Ann Meade’s “Feline Frenzy” (a lively group of cats from NIAD’s beloved cat art creator)
  3. Ann Meade’s “Ten Cats & Their Celebrities” (ten pages of pure star-crossed joy)
  4. Jeremy Burleson’s “Some Flowers, Men and A Llama” (The title says it all)