Dorrie Reid’s “Evening With Jane Goodall”

Yes, that’s NIAD Studio Artist Dorrie Reid participating in a Q&A session with Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace!

Dorrie was invited to participate in the event by the Walt Disney Family Museum as part of a fundraiser for their arts and animation education programs.

Anyone who knows Dorrie’s work – animals, advocacy, social and environmental justice are common themes – would agree that she and Dr. Goodall have much to talk about. Their interaction moved Dorrie to make a statement that she intends to send to Dr. Goodall:

Dear Jane Goodall,

I am glad you decided to put me into the mix of your conversation on wild animals.
When you talk about the monkeys, it makes me think about the wild cat family – the leopards, the tigers, the cheetahs.

Your legacy reminds me of the legacy of all wild animals… I’d like to learn more about this legacy. I appreciate the honor of doing that conversation with you…

Dorrie Reid