Matthew Wilson

The thing that’s fascinating about Matthew Wilson’s drawings is that he draws the interior and exterior of machines at the same time, as if he has x-ray vision. And, after studying videos of machines, heavy equipment, transportation and amusement park ride, he creates his drawings from memory.

// Matthew’s available work //

exhibition history

Roses are Red, or, See what Kitty can do without fighting the war? organized by Liam Golden // NIAD Online Exhibition // August 2023

Rainbow Cat Picnic organized by Cynthia Ona Innis // NIAD Online Exhibition // March 2023

Subtle Sweetness organized by Jamie Walsh // NIAD Online Exhibition // January 2023

WIN WIN 10 Silent Auction Preview Exhibition // NIAD Gallery Exhibition // February 2022

Stories, organized by B. Wurtz // NIAD Online Exhibition // November 2021

Good On Paper: Erin McCluskey Wheeler x NIAD // NIAD Art Center 2020

A Kind of Movement // organized by Jay Wehnert Portland Art And Learning Studios 2019 

Ether Here Nor There: Anthony Grant x NIAD // NIAD Art Center 2019

Hailing From Parts Unknown // organized By Curtis Turner NIAD Art Center 2019

Redefining Contemporary Art // organized by Courtney Eldridge Depot Steamboat Springs 2019

It’s Complicated // organized by Kathleen King NIAD Art Center 2018

Give A Little Take A Little: Real Time & Space at NIAD // organized By Lexa Walsh NIAD Art Center 2018

Can Did // organized By Julio Rodriguez NIAD Art Center 2018

All Of The Light // organized by Gina Borg NIAD Art Center 2017

Outsider Art Fair // Shrine NYC booth Paris 2017

For Them That Spitte Blood And Are Bursten // organized by Jon Shibata Yalis’ Cafe Berkeley 2017

Igneous Intrusions // organized by Jon Shibata NIAD Art Center 2017

Overloaded: Contemporary Art, Folk Art And Unique Objects // organized By Phil Linhares NIAD Art Center 2016

Matthew Wilson // NIAD Art Center 2016

We’re Here // organized by Peter Cavagnaro Yali’s Café Oxford Street Berkeley 2016

New Drawings From Matthew Wilson // Yali’s Cafe Stanley Hall Berkeley 2016

Joyful Tidings Of The Golden Future Time // organized by Jon Shibata Yali’s Café Oxford Street Berkeley 2016

Adventure! // organized by Scott MacLeod NIAD Art Center 2015

New Kids On The Block // NIAD Art Center 2015


100 Stories of Belonging in the S.F. Bay Area, edited by Christine Wong Yap, 2019.