Online exhibition: Diverse Findings, selected by Paulette Nichols

About the exhibition

Here is a picture by James Heartsill of what looks to be a house, except it has teeth, and there is a sky and trees and the roof looks like it has a hair cut, and a tongue is coming out like a door mat. Don Van Vliet, a.k.a. Captain Beefheart wrote a song called My Head is My Only House Unless it Rains, and that’s what this mixed media on canvas piece makes me think of. We walk around in our heads that protect us like little houses. We inhabit our bodies. They are our homes, and we may own them, but they are on loan to us.

About the selector 

Paulette Nichols is a painter and musician who lives in Oakland, California. She goes by “Paulette Humanbeing” when performing. Find more on her instagram,  blog, and Saatchi Art