Save The Date: Win Win 9 Is March 6, 2021 //

Please join us online, Saturday, March 6, 2021, from 1pm to 3pm PST, for NIAD’s annual fundraiser, Win Win 9. You can participate from anywhere in the world! Bid on fabulous works by artists from NIAD, the Bay Area, and beyond. There will be music. There may be dancing. There will probably be Bingo.

It’s called Win Win because everyone has a chance to take home fantastic art! 

Do you want art just by buying a ticket? NIAD artists have made an incredible batch of 6×6” artworks—paintings, photographs, sculptures, fibers, and drawings ready to hang on your wall or sit prominently on a shelf. Purchase your ticket, and we will randomly choose a 6×6″ artwork and ship it to your home. 

But wait—the benefit includes even more chances to find great art: a silent auction featuring works by more than 20 NIAD artists, and a live auction featuring works by other contemporary artists from the Bay Area and beyond. (Yes, you can attend the event and bid without buying a ticket; you just won’t get a 6×6 canvas.) 

Money raised from this event goes directly to NIAD Art Center’s general operating fund, which means we get to keep the office lights on, the virtual studio buzzing, and paint in everyone’s pots for another day.

Sponsorship opportunities are open now. Let’s talk about all the ways you can support NIAD’s programs. Click on the ticket link below to see all the benefits at each purchase level. We thank you for your support!

Win Win 9 is made possible with the generous sponsorship of our Art World Sponsors—community members who commit to making this party a win for everyone involved. Our Art World Sponsors include:

Adams and Ollman, Companion-Platform, Paulson Fontaine Press,
GoldLine Brands Wines, Antonia Dapena-Tretter, Anton Stuebner, JTT, John Ziesenhenne, Kala Art Institute, Karen DiDomenicis, Kim Huhta, Laurel Shear, Lizeht Zepeda, Lexa Walsh, Nicole Ferdinando, Pam Martin, pt. 2 Gallery, Patrick Coogan, Ratto’s, Sarah Rothstein, SHRINEYoung Space

Become a sponsor now and get your name listed!

You can use the ticket link, or email us to learn more.

Silent Auction artists include Alan Perez, Alice Sampson, Ann Meade, Carlota Rodriguez, Christian Vassell, Danny Thach, Elena Rossi, Esmeralda Silva, Felicia Griffin, Heather Hamann, Jason Powell-Smith, Jean McElvane, Jonathan Valdivias, Joseph Rux, Julie MacDonald, Karen May, Luis Estrada, Maria Radilla, Matthew Wilson, Peter Harris, Shana Harper, Shantae Robinson, Susan Wise, Sylvia Fragoso, Tre’von Silva. Live Auction includes Alicia McCarthy, Cliff Hengst, Erin McCluskey Wheeler, Kelly Ording, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Sahar Khoury, Scott Hewicker, Shannon Finnegan, Ruby Neri, Rumi Koshino, Veronica DeJesus, Woody De Othello. Please stay tuned for images and details on how to bid!

How to Update Win Win 9 Ticket Attendees Post-Purchase

Did you purchase multiple Win Win 9 tickets? You can update your guests (Attendees) within your ticket order either through your Win Win 9 GiveSmart email receipt, or sign in to GiveSmart and go to the Pay page from the top left menu. You can assign tickets to your attendees, and add a mobile number or email to send them confirmation reminders. When your attendees receive the reminders, they can confirm attendance, complete their registration, and they can add a credit card to their user account to join the bidding and donating action. All attendees will be emailed the digital party pack and event log in beforehand.

Note: You’ll need your GiveSmart username and password to update attendee information.

To Update via the Email Link
• Locate ticket purchase email notification.
• Click Update Attendee Details.
• Follow prompts to complete the account username and password.

To Update via the Pay Page
• Go to NIAD’s event page, via email or text notification link.
• Select Pay Page.
• Select View Order.

To Assign Unassigned Tickets
• Click Assign.
• Add attendee information. 
• Click Save

Note: A confirmation text or email is automatically sent when contact information is added.

To Edit Guest Info on Assigned Tickets
• Click Edit to add or modify attendee information.
• Click Unassign to remove the attendee from the ticket.
• Click Assign to add a new attendee.
• Enter new attendee information.

Please get in touch if you need any help!