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NIAD Gallery Exhibition // “Feeling Language,” organized by Kate Laster

NIAD Art Center 551 23rd Street, Richmond, CA, United States

This show is all about comfort text: resilience in everyday words, writing and reading. Expression can also be wordless, the use of line and color as new vocabulary, pushing a thought out onto a surface, making marks and continuously trying to communicate with the world.

We tell stories to sustain ourselves and find each other. These messages embedded in art become an emotional telegram– a signal flare with a flame of memory trailing behind it. "Feeling Language" is about books, lists, slogans, language, gesture, touch and the trust given in sharing.


“Search Engine”, organized by Diego Leclery (online exhibition)

NIAD Online Gallery

This exhibition is about transcendent forms. I looked through all of NIAD’s archives to find works that conveyed something beyond this world, something magical, something that emanates a powerful force. In some cases, geometries tap into universal formulae, in others, abstract gestural strokes become vessels for cosmic frequencies from another dimension, forms that are reduced and simplified into symbols tho speak the divine names of the essences invoke those they cannot contain. I was looking for works that felt timeless, and, perhaps, even, beyond culture.

July NIAD Gallery Reception // “Richmond Artists Activate!” Celebration

NIAD Art Center 551 23rd Street, Richmond, CA, United States

Join us in NIAD’s Galleries to celebrate the spirit of community activism and creative energy of Richmond High School and NIAD Art Center artists! Richmond Artists Activate! centers artists as agents for lasting social change and leaders in the Richmond community.