Danny Thach

Danny Thach is a versatile artist stylistically and materially. He practices primarily in printmaking, painting, ceramics and fiber art. Rather than having a specific chosen medium, Thach likes all materials equally.

A meticulous draftsman, his process is precise and methodical. He shares that he works in pencil first and paint second when working on a canvas painting. Screen printing is a focal point for Thach’s attention to detail, a process he uses to create his handmade t-shirts.

Thach has been a prolific artist since childhood and has used internet searches and resources to feed into his work at NIAD. Keith Haring, the Nintendo character Yoshi, ducks and the Spanish national flag are significant touchstones recurring throughout Thach’s body of work. He often depicts cityscapes, but shares that he prefers country scenes.

Thach frequently returns to subjects of categorization within his work. This may include categorizing colors, national flags, songs and traffic signs. Often Thach ascribes NIAD community members colors and years within his drawing practice as a means of connection.

// Danny’s available work //

exhibition history

Roses are Red, or, See what Kitty can do without fighting the war? organized by Liam Golden // NIAD Online Exhibition // August 2023

Mud Pie Mansion, organized by Kristin Farr // NIAD Online Exhibition // August 2023

Into the Brightness: Artists from Creativity Explored, Creative Growth & NIAD // Oakland Museum of California // May 2023

Danny Thach: Best Buddies // NIAD Annex Gallery Exhibition // April 2023

Ripples 2 Selected by Keen On Art // UC Hastings Law, San Francisco // NIAD Online Exhibition // February 2023

Puzzles In Print organized by Delilah Ponton // NIAD Online Exhibition // February 2023

Larger Than Life: S/Heroes, GOATs, and Other Legends organized by Zoya Kocur // NIAD Online Exhibition // February 2023

I Dreamt the Sun Was in My Bed Organized By SF State University’s Fall 2022 Exhibition Design Class // NIAD Online Exhibition // December 2022

NIAD is for music lovers organized by Xiomara Rosales // NIAD Online Exhibition // December 2022

NIAD Holiday Gift Guide #1: NIAD is for Animal Lovers ,organized by Dorian Reid // Online Exhibition // November 2022

Told Through A Line, organized by Risa Lenore // NIAD Online Exhibition // September 2022

A Little Bit of Everything: Fashion & Fiber at NIAD // NIAD Gallery Exhibition // July 2022

DESIRE DESIRE, organized by Diego Leclery // NIAD Online Exhibition // April 2022

Quiet, organized by Matthew Pawlowski // NIAD Online Exhibition // April 2022

Auctionauts // NIAD Online Exhibition // March 2022

WIN WIN 10 Silent Auction Preview Exhibition // NIAD Gallery Exhibition // February 2022

Menagerie on 23rd Street, organized by Prajakti Jayavant // NIAD Windows Exhibition // December 2021

A Year Through the Windows: A Retrospective of NIAD’s 2021 Windows Exhibitions // NIAD Online Exhibition // December 2021

Holiday Gift Guide #5, organized by Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh // NIAD Online Exhibition // December 2021

Con Los Animales Estamos Conectados, organized by Christo Oropeza // NIAD Windows Exhibition // November 2021

Road to Nowhere, selected by Eric Shiner // NIAD Online Exhibition // January 2021

Be Heard. Speak Up., organized by Fenwick & West // NIAD Windows Exhibition // 2020  

Fiberful, organized By Cynthia Ona Innis // NIAD Art Center // 2019

A Kind of Movement, organized by Jay Wehnert // Portland Art And Learning Studios // 2019 

One Of These Things Twice, organized by Margaret Tedesco // NIAD Art Center // 2019

Hailing From Parts Unknown, organized by Curtis Turner // NIAD Art Center // 2019 

Redefining Contemporary Art, organized by Courtney Eldridge // Depot Steamboat Springs // 2019

The Handmade // Rock Paper Scissors Collective, Oakland // 2018

Cyrano, organized By Em Kettner // NIAD Art Center // 2018

All Of The Light, organized by Gina Borg // NIAD Art Center // 2017

Affinity // Museum of Northern California Art, Chico // 2017

Creature Feature, organized by John Casey // NIAD Art Center // 2017

Danny Thach // NIAD Art Center // 2016

Outside, curated by Matthew Higgs // Karma, Amangasett, New York // 2016

Danny Thach // White Columns New York // 2016

Party Animals!, organized by Katie Johnson // NIAD Art Center // 2016

Wrapped Up In You: NIAD’s Quilts // NIAD Art Center // 2015

Making Friends, organized by John Casey // NIAD Art Center // 2015

City In Motion // NIAD Art Center // 2014

Yes To The Dress Pop-Up Shop, organized by Peter Gravener NIAD Art Center // 2013

Diamond Dogs Pet Supply Pop-Up Shop // NIAD Art Center // 2013

Superduperultracool Shoppe, organized by Lisa Solomon // NIAD ART Center // 2013

You Are Here, organized by Robert Wuilfe // NIAD Art Center // 2013

Holiday Pop Up Shop And Lounge // NIAD Art Center // 2012


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