Online Exhibition: Favorite Recycled Nature, Selected By Jean McElvane//

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About the exhibition

My art is my children. I make what I like and share it with the world. With projects I make in detail, I look at what’s in front of me. Anything I’ve made in the past has been improved over the years through studies.

Whenever I make something, I always keep an exact few samples for myself. Sometimes I wear them for display, like a human tree, and/or have them displayed where I work.

I also keep samples of a work-in-progress in progressive steps from start to finish. Hoping to have answers for questions posed by viewers of my work, I also include pages of instructions and photos for each art project. It’s easy for me to speak my mind that way.

I like listening to music when I work. The playlists I put together, I’m happy to share.

About the selector

Prior to joining NIAD, Jean McElvane studied art and music at Contra Costa Community College. She also worked as an artist’s assistant.

Her paintings and drawings tend toward realism, but the majority of her work is in the craft field. She creates meticulously built fiber projects or using recycled and found materials to build amazing objects that capture the essence of insects and other creatures.

Jean’s work has been seen recently in exhibitions at ACCI Gallery in Berkeley; Rock, Paper Scissors Collective in Oakland; and at the Richmond Art Center.