Shantae Robinson (b. 1988)

Oh man, does Shantae Robinson know how to use color. Her abstract paintings and drawings — often based on a grid structure — come alive with color, seeming to emit some sort of life vibrations.

// Shantae’s available work // 

recent exhibition history

The Fourth Dimension, organized by Marja Galpin van der Loo // NIAD Art Center 2017

We Can Do It! 2 // Hurwich Library, Alliant University San Francisco 2017

Collograph // NIAD Art Center 2017, Yali’s Cafe Stanley Hall Berkeley 2017

Shapeshifting Superheavies // organized by Jessica Snow NIAD Art Center 2017

Igneous Intrusions // organized by Jon Shibata NIAD Art Center 2017

Souls And Scenarios // organized by Gina Borg NIAD Art Center 2016

Curious Weave // organized by Ramekon O’Arwisters NIAD Art Center 2016

Shantae Robinson + Elena Rossi // Yali’s Café Oxford Street Berkeley 2016

Symbols Formally Known As Words // organized by Marja van der Loo Yali’s Café Oxford Street Berkeley 2016

Joyful Tidings Of The Golden Future Time // organized by Jon Shibata Yali’s Café Oxford Street Berkeley 2016

Cities In Mind // organized by Kathleen King NIAD Art Center 2016

Shantae Robinson + Heather Copus // NIAD Art Center 2016

Welcome To My World // organized by Chris Ashley NIAD Art Center 2015

Moonbeams And Polka Dots // NIAD Art Center 2015

The United Colors Of Shantae Robinson // NIAD Art Center 2015

Hand To Hand: The Emerging Artists Of UCPLA And NIAD Art Center // organized by Anuradha Vikhram Washington Reid Gallery, Culver City; NIAD Art Center 2014

Yes To The Dress Pop-Up Shop // organized by Peter Gravener NIAD Art Center 2013

Mud, Honey // NIAD Art Center 2013

Championship Vinyl // NIAD Art Center 2013