Jesus Salas (b. 1991)

Daily, Jesus Salas documents the interior of the bus that brings him to Art Center in graphite and sometimes marker on a found sheet of paper. Less frequently, he captures the exterior of the bus.

// Jesus’ available work //

Recent exhibition history

Can Did // organized By Julio Rodriguez NIAD Art Center 2018

 Indeterminate Space // organized by Anthony PiƱata NIAD Art Center 2018

All Of The Light // organized by Gina Borg NIAD Art Center 2017

Jesus Salas // NIAD Art Center 2017

Shapeshifting Superheavies // organized by Jessica Snow NIAD Art Center 2017

Variations On a Theme // organized by Robert Wuilfe NIAD Art Center 2016

Adventure! // organized by Scott MacLeod NIAD Art Center 2015

The Newest New // NIAD Art Center 2014