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NIAD Art Center is a lively non-profit and is supported in part by local and national foundations, businesses and individual donors (like you.) We could use your support in whatever way you can afford. And you know we will appreciate your gift. So, thanks, in advance.

In a unique open studio environment, artists develop independent living skills while learning to make art. The artwork they create holds its own in a professional gallery setting, and tells the unique story of an artist with disabilities.

But to do this, it is a group effort. Please consider donating:


goods (like art paints, paint brushes, water-based printers inks, brayers, archival art papers, high quality fabrics, yarns and threads, and re-stretched canvases. Here’s what we no longer need: old wrapping paper or greeting cards, National Geographic magazines, styrofoam anything, and house paint.)

or your time.

(featured image: Clif Bar employee Jeff Hantman installs the work of NIAD’s Jeremy Burleson at their headquarters in Emeryville California)