Christian Vassell (b. 1993)

Whether icing monochrome layers of paint on to recycled LPs or layer upon layer of slices of color to canvas, Christian Vassell is mainly a stunning abstractionist.

Vassell is also an avid reader and researcher, constantly studying books and pamphlet. He sometimes adds the texts of his reading to a drawing to create an graphic encyclopedia of sorts.

 // Christian’s available work //

recent exhibition history

Christian Vassell // NIAD Art Center 2018

Cyrano // organized By Em Kettner NIAD Art Center 2018

Can Did // organized By Julio Rodriguez NIAD Art Center 2018

 Indeterminate Space // organized by Anthony Piñata NIAD Art Center 2018

Affinity // organized by Tim Buckwalter Museum of Northern California Art Chico 2017

The Fourth Dimension, organized by Marja Galpin van der Loo // NIAD Art Center 2017

Shapeshifting Superheavies // organized by Jessica Snow NIAD Art Center 2017

Creature Feature // organized by John Casey NIAD Art Center 2017

Party Animals! // organized by Katie Johnson NIAD Art Center 2016

Abstract Preferences // organized by Anthony Pinata NIAD Art Center 2016

Color + Mark = Christian Vassell // NIAD Art Center 2015

DIS/PLAY // SOMArts Gallery San Francisco 2015

Assemble: A NIAD Art Center Project With Nina Zurier // organized by Nina Zurier NIAD Art Center 2015

City In Motion // NIAD Art Center 2014

Hand To Hand: The Emerging Artists Of UCPLA And NIAD Art Center // organized by Anuradha Vikhram Washington Reid Gallery, Culver City; NIAD Art Center 2014

Championship Vinyl // NIAD Art Center 2013

…at cafes, public spaces and similar venues

Mayor Tom Butt selects Richmond’s New Logo x NIAD Art Center // Richmond Mayor’s Office Suite 2018

We Can Do It! 2 // Hurwich Library, Alliant University San Francisco 2017

Christian Vassell // Musical Offering Café Berkeley 2016

Mayor Tom Butt Selects The Art Of NIAD// Richmond Mayor’s Suite Richmond 2016

We Can Do It! // Hurwich Library, Alliant University San Francisco 2015