Online Exhibition : Heavy Color, Selected By Ryan Schneider//

“Color is heavy. Color lacks fear. Color reveals and color hides. Truth can be found through color. 

I have no expertise in color theory. Yet color dominates my life. I use my instincts with color. Color uses its instincts with me. Colors say to me “Hey! Put me there, put me here, use more of me!” I am a servant of color. But I don’t know how color works. I only know when it feels right.

Color floors me every day. I am heavy when I am using color.

I chose the works in this exhibition for their fearless use of bright, unabashed color. These works grabbed me aggressively by the collar. I could relate to them instinctually. They literally brightened my day, made me think, and made me feel, with their heavy color. 

In my every day practice, I strive to make work that is as honest as this work, and often I fail. I admire the artists who made these pieces, for trusting their instincts, and for abandoning themselves to the creative moment so completely. Color makes us feel alive. These works make me feel alive, and it’s been a privilege to have had the opportunity to organize them into an exhibition.”

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