Online Exhibition : A Novel., Selected By Anthony Campuzano//

About the exhibition

There is a title card by Sara Malpass. There is an unclear horizon by Karen May. There is a translucent duck giving a direction by Danny Thach. There is a lopped off flower bloom on its side by Adonia Douglas. There is perhaps a fire on a distant shore or a warning by Shana Harper. There is a multicolored creature close to the ground by Julio Del Rio. There is a place of refuge by Danny Thach. There are two cats judging you through a window by Ann Meade. There is a field of rocks or ants or flowers or something indescribable yet all have a shifting mysterious color beneath by Shantae Robinson. There is a map to provisions and history by Karen May. There is a precarious path through a waterway by Phyllis Carr. There is a figure of importance by Erica Martinez. There is a dangerous chair by Carlos Fernandez. There is a sheltered well by Saul Alegria. There is an ancient tome by Karen May. There are parts of an automobile submerged at the base of a mountain by Matthew Wilson. There is coded music by Jonathan Velazquez. There is a welcoming by Shana Harper. There is a laughing bird in flight by Saul Alegria. And there is an inscrutable conclusion by Donald Walker.

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