At NIAD: Selections Of NIAD Work From The Joan Finton Art Collection On View In NIAD Windows Through August 21, 2020//

Back in the spring, due to community safety measures (which we support), NIAD Art Center closed it’s three on-site exhibition spaces.

They’re still shut down, but we’re pleased to announce our new exhibition space. Featuring a quartet of floor-to-ceiling movable walls installed in our front window bays (facing 23rd Street), “NIAD Windows” offers sidewalk and street side opportunities to view the NIAD exhibitions you’ve come to expect in our on-site galleries.

Since we were not able to invite you into the Art Center in March to see our then-current shows, we’re offering highlights from each of the three exhibitions — “Weaving Circle, Organized By Circulo Tejido/Backstrap Club,” “Modern Times: Matthew Langley,” and “Selections Of NIAD Work From The Joan Finton Art Collection” — in three separate exhibitions each with a three week run in “NIAD Windows.”

First up, and beginning July 28, will be “Selections Of NIAD Work From The Joan Finton Art Collection.”

Artist and educator Joan Finton explains her history with the Art Center, “Having taught art in New York City high schools for many years I was already aware of the surprising well-springs of creativity that could emerge from seemingly unlikely sources. After moving to the Bay Area in 1974, I continued teaching art but, this time, to older adults living in skilled nursing and assisted-living facilities. Developing projects for this population turned out to be challenging… and fun.

I cannot remember exactly when I discovered NIAD, but when I did, I loved what I saw, and began to buy. And about 15 years ago I was given the opportunity of teaching at NIAD, which I did for a year. My attachment to the studio, its artists and their amazing studio manager Andres Cisneros-Galindo, solidified.”

On view through August 14 will be nine works Saul Alegria, Mimi Englim, Aletha Mederis, Dorothy Porter, Kevin Randolph, and Donald Walker. The exhibition is also available to be viewed online (where the works may be purchased.)

NIAD Art Center is located at 551 23rd Street in Richmond, California. “Selections Of NIAD Work From The Joan Finton Art Collection” is on view in “NIAD Windows” from July 28-August 21, 2020.