Online Exhibition: “A Firmament in the Midst of the Waters” organized by Jay Youngdahl

About the exhibition  

Viewers can learn much from the work of NIAD artists. Their work offers the viewer a recognition that life is often a jumble of color and form.  Things arise, and often not in a linear or scientific manner. In reviewing the NIAD catalog, a religious/spiritual theme emerges.  Based on the conception of the beginning of the world found in the Old Testament book of Genesis, out of a chaos a world is born. Let there be light.

About the organizer

Jay Youngdahl is an artist, writer, and activist. For the past few decades he has made his living as a lawyer working for unions in the American South. Working in text, collage, and photography, Jay’s practice is “participatory action art,” the making of art from his life and activism. 

He earned a JD from the University of Texas at Austin, an MDiv from Harvard University and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is a NIAD board member.