NIAD Holiday Gift Guide #1: “Mixed Media” collection by Samantha Kershnar

We are thrilled to kick off our NIAD Holiday Gift Guide series! Every week we’ll have a fresh collection of artwork from NIAD’s dazzlingly diverse inventory – paintings, afghan blankets, coloring books, planters, posters, necklaces, music, t-shirts, wallhangings, prints, greeting cards, zines, soft sculptures, ceramics, and more.

And it’s all lovingly hand-picked by the art aficionados who know it best – NIAD studio artists and staff. Enjoy!


About the “Mixed Media” collection

“Holidays bring family together. You remember people who aren’t with you. When you look at the gifts, they should make you think about the good times you had together.

[In this collection] there’s festive art, art about animals, sports, cinema, fantasy—there’s all sorts of art.

Each artist at NIAD possesses creativity and talent in their heart. People should buy this art if they want to decorate their house and support the artist who makes it!”

About Samantha Kershnar, the collector

I am a multi-material artist. I enjoy fiber, printmaking, drawing, sculpting with both polymer and ceramic clay. I rejoice in creating different shapes and creations in clay. My nephew inspires me to draw things that he enjoys such as dinosaurs and animals from across the world. I enjoy working with my nephew at home in clay and making food and animals. Art makes me feel colorful, imaginative and creative. 

Collection highlights

A knitted scarf with stripes of various colors and long peach-colored tassels.

“Donzell [Lewis] is an excellent knitter full of creative design and color. He makes Barbie stuff too. A scarf is good for winter weather. I like the tassels at the end.”

A print in black ink of a female figure with prominent eyelashes and lips and hair parted in the middle and curled at the ends.

“This is history. I used to hang out with Raven [Harper]—she’s a good friend of mine. She does ceramics and t-shirts and bags and drawings. You learn something from it—Black history!” 

A painting of six rows of football helmets with the logos of various teams on a blue background, with the NFL logo in the middle and a football on a green field in the lower right.

“I love all the helmets and the logos. I like the design. This is for athletes and people who love sports. Certain sports are entertaining!”

Bright, multi-colored yarn wrapped around a metal frame with two bedazzling gems attached.

“Ann [Meade] loves cats. I’m more of a dog person. Ann also does fiber and ceramics. It’s so creative! She wrapped it!”

A drawing of a hairless person with pupil-less blue eyes, prominent pink lips, wearing a blue shirt.

“[Kelly Slater] is my favorite surfer! I loved Baywatch. I love the beach but I don’t surf. I love to watch surfers compete for gold.”