NIAD Holiday Gift Guide #3: “The Zindel Collection” collection by Bill

About “The Zindel Collection” collection

The items in this Holiday Gift Guide are perfect for your friend or family member who:

1. loves handsome dudes and fall colors.

Mireya Betances, Two Dudes

ceramic 13x7x2″

2. admires intelligence, integrity, and dedication.

Shirt, Outerwear, Textile, Sleeve, Font, Grey, T-shirt, Eyewear, Active shirt, Baby & toddler clothing

Raven Harper, MLK T-shirt

hand silk-screened, 100% cotton 

3. dreams of living in a strawberry.

Heather Hamann, Untitled 

mixed media on paper 12×18″

4. loves swamp creatures. 

Saul Alegria, Untitled

ceramic 13x10x2″

5. loves alien swamp creatures. 

Elephant, Elephants and Mammoths, Working animal, Indian elephant, African elephant, Painting, Art, Carnivore, Paint, Magenta

Saul Alegria, Untitled

acrylic on paper 30×22

6. likes laughing, and ponies on the freeway.

Rectangle, Font, Paper, Parallel, Paper product, Monochrome, Document, Publication, Pattern, Number

Nathan Lam, Bad Traffic Sign 

graphite on paper, 12×6″ 

7. is charming.

Martha Padron, Untitled 

ink on colored paper 7×23″ 

8. wants a behind-the-scenes look at NIAD.

NIADZine, Issue One 

zine, 38 pages, 8.5×5.5″ 

9. wants an all-access, VIP, backstage pass to NIAD. 

Brown, Book, Font, Art, Publication, Pattern, Paper, Paper product, Visual arts, Rectangle

NIADZine, Issue Two

zine, 38 pages, 8.5×5.5″

10. loves KISS, Ponch & John, Law & Order, and zines. 

Handwriting, Rectangle, Font, Art, Drawing, Paper product, Paper, Illustration, Graphics, Sketch

Heather Copus, Route 66

zine, 20 pages, staple-bound risograph 8.5×5.5″

11. loves color and pattern.

Natural material, Creative arts, Art, Symmetry, Fashion accessory, Glass, Pattern, Triangle, Ceramic, Font

Carlota Rodriguez, Untitled 

ceramic 11x11x4″

12. never stopped playing with Barbies.

Toy, Doll, Eyelash, Wig, Sleeve, Waist, Headgear, Fashion design, Fictional character, Electric blue

Donzell Lewis, Untitled

knitted clothing on a found doll 8x3x2”

13. likes carrying stuff and staying positive.

Jason Powell-Smith, “Yes It Is” tote bag 

screen print, red on natural fabric, 15×16”

14. likes cats, Joey Ramone, Cher, Dolly Parton, and Basquiat.

Head, Facial expression, Vertebrate, Rectangle, Jaw, Organism, Mammal, Gesture, Font, Cartoon

Ann Meade, Ten Cats & Their Celebrities

coloring book, stitch-bound photocopy, 8.5×11″

15. lives in the Golden State, and wears a large.

Outerwear, Sleeve, Baby & toddler clothing, Grey, Font, Sportswear, T-shirt, Wood, Active shirt, Pattern

Heather Copus, T-shirt design

hand-silkscreened, 100% cotton 

16. enjoys turtles and smiling.  

White, Product, Organ, Black, Style, Line, Pattern, People, Font, Art

Jeremy Burleson, Untitled

ink on paper 10×14”

17. likes triangles and symmetry. 

Triangle, Rectangle, Font, Art, Circle, Symmetry, Electric blue, Pattern, Symbol, Slope

Carlota Rodriguez, Untitled

acrylic and marker on paper 28.5×22.5″

18. likes to get cozy in style.

Dorrie Reid, Afghan Blanket

crochet yarn, 45×44″

19. loves a heart-achingly beautiful ballad. 

Musical instrument, Guitar, Guitar accessory, String instrument accessory, Art, Musician, String instrument, Font, Plucked string instruments, Music

Jonathan Velazquez, Jonathan Del Norte

digital recording, 5 tracks ceramic 13x7x2″

About the collector, Bill Zindel

Bill Zindel works at NIAD as a facilitator in printmaking and mixed-media. He loves most of the things listed above, plus records, friends, painting, and all the artists at NIAD.