The Latest From NIAD//

Each year on November 11, NIAD gathers with Creative Growth and Creativity Explored, our neighboring progressive art studios, for a day of in-service learning.

While there are many ways our communities collaborate, this day offers staff a moment to reflect on the work we do, supporting artists and the culture of long-term mentoring and shared creative practice.

In response to requests by staff at NIAD and Creative Growth, this year’s training combined an emphasis on self-care with somatic tools for working with trauma and resilience – many of them in use already at NIAD, CG, and CE.

Given that many careers in our centers span decades, we know there is a commitment to resilience in the relationships we build with artists over time.

However, as organizations – at every level – we are articulating our commitment to trauma-informed practices throughout our work, and this requires communication, patience, and time together.

It also involves tea and chocolate – two elements of the wellness kits all staff received as a part of the training. We thank the artists and our community for affording us this time away from programs delivery.

And we look forward to coming back refreshed and more connected, to share these learnings with you, as they inflect everything that we do.

With appreciation for your support,

Amanda Eicher, Executive Director