The Latest From NIAD//

Let’s go a little bit deeper. This week is a quieter week at NIAD – settling into a new schedule in our Virtual Studio, getting into the swing of Thirsty Thursdays. These are moments that allow us to deepen practices and reflect more.

NIAD artists in the Virtual Studio now have longer circles of practice, focused on areas of specific interest – like the intersection of Art and Justice, or Film and Art-Making. Our staff get to bring their own expertise more fully into creative conversations with artists and with you – if you’ve been to Thirsty Thursday, you’ve been in the midst of this generative thinking. We’re getting ready for some new programs in the new year, and taking this last quarter in 2020 to reflect on all it’s brought.

Every week I end with the request to reach out to us, or get involved with our programs. This week, I’m offering this more direct ask: as a community that values reflection as the first step in widening our impact, we welcome yours. 

As you reflect this season, consider sharing your thoughts with us on what you’ve heard in this space. We need it all – not just the glowing remarks but also respectful questioning and new ideas. You can reach out at I look forward to hearing with you and being in touch.

In community,

Amanda Eicher, Executive Director