The Latest From NIAD//

We know that many people are holding their breath for the events of next week – we are too. But at NIAD, we’re staying present and excited for everything that is coming to fruition TODAY.

At Thirsty Thursday tonight at 6PM, Ed Rymsha and Michelle Hamilt from Fenwick & West LLP will talk with Shana Harper, one of NIAD’s longest practicing artists. 

Shana is the first artist to take leadership by talking about her work at Thirsty Thursdays, and NIAD couldn’t be better represented. 

We hope you’ll join us

And tonight after Thirsty Thursday, Shana and other members of NIAD’s Quarterly Advisory Council will meet with our Board of Directors for the first time. 

Including studio artists, staff, board members, family members, care providers, and community members, NIAD’s Quarterly Advisory Council holds the important task of keeping NIAD accountable to its equity goals. 

Tonight they will hear reports from our Artist Advisory Committee, our studio Art and Justice practice group, NIAD’s Self Advocates, and the staff Racial Justice Committee, and we’ll begin to plan our future work together. 

While next week’s elections loom large on the horizon, we’re feeling fortunate to have a lot to celebrate today.  Thanks for being a part of it – it takes all of us. 

In Community,

Amanda Eicher, Executive Director