Online Exhibition: Be Heard. Speak Up., Selected by Fenwick & West//

For more than five years, Bay Area based law firm Fenwick & West has partnered with NIAD to create a group exhibition of Art Center works in their five offices across the country. Tied into National Disability Employment Awareness Month, these shows traditionally took place in October. Always the exhibitions were a lively and lyrical selection of art — chosen by the law firm — with the sales directly supporting NIAD artists.

Although the pandemic has changed many things in our lives, this now-annual exhibition is not one of them. From the vibrant self-portraits of Jonathan Valdivias to the Mexican folk-art influenced fiber work of Maria Radilla to the dynamic paintings of Christian Vassell and the oft-political and mimetic works of Danny Thach, this year’s version is another sweeping smorgasboard of drawings, paintings and crafts. But, its available online with highlights available for street- or auto-viewing in NIAD Art Center’s modified exhibition space (NIAD Windows) beginning October 23. And, of course, this time around all of this planning allows all art lovers to participate in Fenwick’s exhibition.

Oh, by the way, you may notice that numerous works in the show seem to address this moment in time, that’s intentional. Remember: Be heard. Speak up.

And enjoy the exhibition.