A New Recording Is Offered//

Perhaps, you’ve been at the Art Center during one of Jonathan Velazquez’s amazing reinventions. For years, he’s recreated numerous Michael Jackson classic music video performances — beat by beat, move by move — from Thriller to Smooth Criminal. It is a fantastic experience.

Jonathan is also a prolific builder of mimetic musical instruments (yes, the one above is made of cardboard, leather, tape and marker).

And most amazingly of all he is also a truly unique musician.

NIAD Sound Recordings is honored and delighted to release an EP of ballads performed by Jonathan Del Norte (the Velazquez musical moniker). This mini-album is stocked with a quintet of songs full of love and longing, all improvised by Jonathan.

Today is Bandcamp Friday. And that means if you grab his EP, Jonathan and NIAD (through the generosity of Bandcamp) get to keep all of the money from the sales today. If you forget, no big deal, you can pick up the EP any other day of the week and we will still make money.

Get it here.