We’d Love To Have You Involved With Us

NIAD Art Center is a non-profit art center. We can certainly use your support in whatever way you can afford.

Wait, why not watch one of our awesome volunteers explain it to you?

Here are some really simple ways you can be involved.


We think volunteers are great. We’re enriched by your skills, talents, and viewpoints. Help us out, and you’ll get something in return: a terrific moment in the Art Center. Seriously. You cannot believe how great it is here.

Your time is valuable. We know that. So, we’ll do our best to tailor your volunteer experience to fit your skills an availability.

The Art Center is loaded with opportunities. The best way to figure out what works best here for you is to visit. And the best way to visit, is to schedule an appointment with volunteer coordinator Judith Zoon at 510-620-0290.

In the meantime, you can download and fill out our application and send it by email. And then read through the Volunteers Handbook.


Yes, we love to work with adult artists with disabilities. You probably will, too. But you need to remember this when considering a internship with us. Patience may be a virtue, but here it is a necessity. Internships for credit from sponsoring universities or colleges are available at anytime during the year and can be focused on exhibitions, marketing, graphic design or teaching. You may also choose to create an internship that fits your skills. Obviously, you need to visit and spend some time with us before deciding on an internship.


You can donate money or materials. We prefer money, since we can use it for so many thing.

Send us a monetary donation once or chose monthly. Either way, we’ll really grateful.

If you have art supplies that you want donate, the best way is to phone ahead (510-620-0290) and check if we need what you are offering. It wastes everyone’s time, if we already have too much of what you already have too much of. Seriously.

And remember, no matter how you choose to get involved with NIAD, our artists will make sure it’s a win win for everybody.