New Exhibitions. Why Not Come Visit?

Untitled, Karen May.







Main Gallery: A Light That Never Goes Out

Recently a number of our artists, following many of the tenets set forth in the Remodernist Manifesto (penned by Billy Childish and Charles Thomson, the declaration calls for the revival of painting as a possible return to traditional modernist values, such as authenticity, self-expression and autonomy), have been focusing on and experimenting with abstract movements from the mid-Century and sooner. A Light That Never Goes Out: Continuing Traditions is a brief survey of a group of painters looking back at important art historic moments, as well as engaging with tradition. Included in the show are recent works by Lisa Blevens, Eddie Braught, Raquel Charles, Arista Dawson, Darlene Farr, Felecia Griffin, Raven Harper, Peter Harris, Willie Harris, Sara Malpass, Karen May, Kevin Randolph and Jonathan Velasquez. View the exhibition here.






Annex Space: Spring Training

Yes, it’s that time of year again, time for baseball. As we get ready to head outdoors for our national pastime, the Art Center has unrolled the astroturf and mounted Spring Training, a group show of works on paper about sports. And it’s not just baseball; we’ve got pieces about bowling, boxing, basketball, biking and more. Included are works by Miguel Chacon, Deatra Colbert, Julio Del Rio, Mimi Englin,  James Ham, Shana Harper, Ann Meade, Rosita Pardo and Billy White. View the exhibition here.






Storefront: Superduperultracool Shoppe organized by Lisa Solomon

You’ve probably spring-cleaned your house by now, so why not pick up a few snazzy objects to bring it to life. NIAD Art Center is pleased to announce our latest pop-up shop, Superduperultracool. Superduperultracool is organized by Oakland artist and uber-hip crafter Lisa Solomon. Featuring unique or exclusive works from Noteify, Jenny Pennywood, Sprout Studio/Jennifer Lake, Katie McCann, Casa Murriguez, Rachel Robertson, Made by Katrina, MODify/d, Tiny Assembly, Paper Monkey Press and others as well as a few pieces from our artists, the shop is loaded with the delightful indulgences that you deserve.






Backroom: Championship Vinyl

A few of our artists have been putting the needle to the groove… okay, maybe more like the brush to the record. Our gallery director digs through the nearby recycling center and brings in crates of discarded LPs. Our artists find the ones that speak to them and beginning painting on the vinyl. The results are so spectacular, that we’ve created a special record shop and named it after the John Cusack’s store in High Fidelity.


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