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It’s Time For Joy // show #219
selected by Julie Mallis

Includes work by Mireya Betances, Dre’An Cox, Sylvia Fragoso, Janay Futch, Felicia Griffin, Karen May, Ann Meade, Martha Padron, Jason Powell-Smith, Shantae Robinson, Serena Scott.

Charged Particles // show #220
selected by Kate Conlon

Included work from Christian Vassell, Danny Thach, Matthew Wilson, Joseph Rux, Carlos Fernandez, Jeremy Burleson.

Monochrome Markings // show #221
selected by Jennifer Gilbert

Included work from Serena Scott, Jeremy Burleson, Julio Del Rio, Nathan Lam, Joseph Rux, Matthew Wilson, Shantae Robinson, Raven Harper, Rebecca Jantzen, Jonathan Valdivias, Donald Walker.

The Weight Of The World // show #222
selected by Lauren Frances Evans

Included work from Jessie West, Rosita Pardo, Ann Meade, Sylvia Fragoso, Sara Malpass, Carlota Rodriguez, Deatra Colbert, Julio Del Rio, Alan Perez, Raven Harper, Karen May, Jon Fukui, Sylvia Fragoso, Carlos Fernandez.

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again // show #223
selected by Boyang Hou

Included work from Alan Perez, Sara Malpass, Heather Hamann, Eddie Braight, Mireya Betances, Felicia Griffin, Karen May, Heather Copus, Saul Alegria, Samantha Kershnar, Carlos fernandez, Joanthan Valdivias, Christian Vassell, Michael Nuñez, Vanessa Bravo, Danny Thach, Julio Del Rio.

Cradle, Bump, Tap, Slap, Push // show #224
selected by Brittney Leeanne Williams

Included work from Karen May and Raven Harper, Felicia Griffin, Peter Harris, Carlos Fernandez, Eddie Braught, Erica Martinez, Mireya Betances, Erica Martinez, Jonathan Valdivias, Deatra Colbert.

Let’s Go away For Awhile // show #225
selected by Caitlin McCormack

Included work by Samantha Kershnar, Susan Wise, Bubba Trieber, Heather Hamann, Danny Thach, Phyllis Carr, Darlene Farr, Yuka Kobayashi, Heather Edgar, Karen May, Jonathan Velazquez, Jon Fukui, Shana Harper, Saul Alegria, Dorothy Porter, Linda Stewart, Sylvia Fragoso.

Watch TV With Me // show #225
selected by Zach Ozma

Included work from Samantha Kershnar, Julio Del Rio, Shantae Robinson, Mireya Betances, Jason Powell-Smith, Saul Alegria, Sara Malpass, Luis Estrada, Eddie Braught, Karen May, Sara Malpass, Raven Harper, Heather Copus.

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