Studio Talent Show Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Left to right: Deatra Colbert and Baraba Arbogast

NIAD celebrated Valentine’s Day with our usual exuberance and wide-eyed grace with paper valentines, tiny chocolate hearts, pizza and love songs. Studio artist Heather Edgar organized a talent show among the artists, which had that home-made wine quality – rough, sweet, lovingly made, and surprisingly potent. Karaoke figured large, as did freeform hip-hop dancing. Heather Edgar […]

Artist Spotlight on Heather Edgar


Her hand moves with absolute precision as the ink slowly trickles out. The resulting line is crisp and eloquent. In concert with other lines they build lifelike forms that Heather Edgar is passionate about creating. She’s a keen illustrator, colorful painter and also happens to possess a gorgeous voice. Edgar has been diligently working in […]

Visionary Landscapes Now On Display


A new year brings a new exhibition to our gallery. Visionary Landscapes highlights work by artists in our studio who transform our perceptions of the natural world. You’ll find dreamy vistas, tumultuous storms and monsters parading across the horizon. Participating artists include Lois Ann Barnett, Ray Brown, Julio Del Rio, Heather Edgar, Luis Estrada and Audrey Pickering. [slideshow id=5]