Julie MacDonald (b. 1951)

Julie MacDonald’s work is exploration of contemporary abstraction, whether its the gridded quilt-like patterns of her Mission School influenced geometric drawings or her more psychedelic, but equally vibrant meanderings in ceramics.

// Julie’s available work // 

recent exhibition history

Hailing From Parts Unknown // organized By Curtis Turner May 2019 

Where They Want To Go // organized by Erin McCluskey Wheeler NIAD Art Center January 2019

All Of The Light // organized by Gina Borg NIAD Art Center 2017

Affinity // organized by Tim Buckwalter Museum of Northern California Art Chico 2017

Julie MacDonald // NIAD Art Center 2017

Variations On a Theme // organized by Robert Wuilfe NIAD Art Center 2016

New Kids On The Block 2 // NIAD Art Center 2015