Win Win 6, Our Annual Benefit Exhibition, At Clif Bar Headquarters On March 3 //

Everyone’s a winner at Win Win 6, NIAD Art Center’s annual benefit exhibition and party. And on Saturday, March 3 from 4-6 pm at Clif Bar & Company, 1451 66th Street in Emeryville, everyone with an admission ticket takes home a randomly chosen piece of art and enjoys food, booze, rare soul music and a free movie screening. Admission is $50. Tickets are available!

What it is //

NIAD Art Center artists have made an amazing batch of works (paintings, photographs, sculptures, fibers and drawings) in a standard 6 x 6” format. The purchase of an admission ticket guarantees one-person one randomly-chosen work of art as well as entrance to the party. All the money raised by the benefit goes to the NIAD Art Center general operating fund (which means we get to keep our doors open, the lights on and paint in everyone’s pots for another day).

Also included in the event is a live auction. The Art Center has commissioned a number of local and national artists to create a work especially for Win Win 6. These pieces will be sold live during the event.

How it works //

When you purchase an admission ticket, you are randomly assigned a number. Doors open at 4:00 pm. You and your friends arrive anytime after that.

On the main floor is a massive exhibition of amazing art from NIAD artist. This is the exhibition part. Look around for the piece you’ve just won and say hello to other winners.

Then there is the party part: At Win Win, you can enjoy rare soul and jazz tunes spun by deejay Bill Zindel (from Little Hill Lounge). Also on the main floor you can enjoy light refreshments including local beer and wines. In our lounge you can kick back and watch a special film screening of a new movie about the Art Center’s artists and meet some of the amazing artists featured in the film.

And let’s not forget the live auction. The Art Center has asked some of its artists and other contemporary national or local artists (who also support NIAD’s mission) to donate any sized work for a live sale. Yes, you can bid on it and take it home. Available works include pieces from Alicia McCarthy, Anne Beck, Cliff Hengst, David Fullarton, Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh, Fred Tinsley (San Quentin Arts Project), Jake Watling, James Craft (San Quentin Arts Project), Jeff Hantman, Jen Huh, Jessica Snow, Jim Christensen, Jim Winters, John Casey, Julio Rodriguez, Karla Milosevich, Kim Miskowicz, Marlon Mullen, Mary Mortimer, Michael McConnell, Nina Zurier, Peter Gravener, Samantha Lautman, Scott Hewicker, Tallulah Terryll, Tara Daly and Tim Buckwalter.

What it costs //

For one admission to the party (which includes a 6 x 6” randomly-chosen piece of NIAD Art Center art), tickets are $50 each. This also entitles you to bid in the live auction at the event as well as food and drink.

How it supports NIAD //

NIAD Art Center Art has crafted a supportive and successful studio program for artists with disabilities, enabling them to use the conversations of the contemporary art world to create works that reveal the narratives of their lives. We’ve been able to do it for more than three decades. And we’ve been able to do it because of the support we garner from the community at events like this.

Our Artist Sponsors //

Support from the contemporary art-making community means a lot to us and we want to thank James Aarons, Pat Augsburger, Gina Borg, Tim Buckwalter, Sam Carr-Prindle, Rachel Cohen, Jim Christensen, Charmaine Fornoff, Justine Frischmann, Catherine Haley Epstein, Pam Glick, Dan Golden and Jen Huh, Matthew Higgs and Anne Collier, Caryl Horn, Maya Kabat, Kathleen King, Scott MacLeod, Erin McCluskey, Raymond McKenzie, RJ Mickelson, Carol Newborg, Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh, Anthony Piñata, Maria Porges, Jessica Snow, Lisa Solomon, Ken Weathersby and Michel Alpern, Ian White Williams, Michelle Wilson, Micah Wood and Nina Zurier.

Our Artworld Sponsors //

A big thanks to these wonderful members of the artworld: Michael Abrams, Gallery Susan Alexander, Jack Fischer Gallery, Gerasimos Floratos and Zhoe Granger, Jay Gorney, JTT Gallery, Laura Kightlinger, The Left Field Gallery, Caryn Lewi, McCall Art Advisory, Museum of Northern California Art (monca), Mark Nikolewski, Olivino Wines, Paulson Fontaine Press, Rebecca O’Leary Art Advisory, We Are Lions, and Jay Wehnert@Intuitive Eye.

Our Event Sponsor //

Clif Bar & Company crafts nutritious and organic food to feed and inspire adventure, including the CLIF BAR® energy bar; CLIF Kid™, Nourishing Kids in Motion®; and LUNA®, The Whole Nutrition Bar. Family and employee-owned, the company is committed to sustaining its people, brands, business, community and the planet. For more information on Clif Bar & Company, please visit, check out our Facebook page at and follow us at: and

Our Beer Sponsor //

Ghost Town Brewing has been brewing officially since 2012; the company grew out of a tight group of a few friends who played music together in a garage. After outgrowing its garage operation, the group opened its first official brewery on Union Street in West Oakland. More information at

Our Food Sponsor //

Based in Richmond, California, Rubicon Bakers was founded in 1993 and for over 20 years we have helped rebuild lives by employing, training, and supporting people who need a second chance. Many employees come to Rubicon from life on the streets, from prison or recently recovered from substance abuse. Rubicon Bakers are turning their lives around with every cake, cupcake, tart and muffin they bake.