Win Win 5 (The NIAD Art Center Annual Benefit) at Clif Bar on April 1 //

Yep, it’s time again for our annual benefit. Yes, you will have a great time.

Everyone’s a winner at Win Win 5, NIAD Art Center’s annual benefit exhibition and party. And on Saturday, April 1 from 4-6pm at Clif Bar & Company, 1451 66th Street in Emeryville, you will be, too. And you’ll be supporting NIAD Art Center by doing it.

You can and should buy tickets over there.

What it is //

NIAD Art Center has commissioned artists — more than 80 national and local artists, including the artists at NIAD’s studio art program — to produce work (paintings, photographs, sculptures, fibers and drawings) in standard 6 x 6,” 12 x 12” or 24 x 24” formats. The purchase of a ticket guarantees one person one randomly-chosen work of art as well as entrance to the party. All the money raised by the benefit goes to the NIAD Art Center general operating fund (which means we get to keep our doors open, the lights on and paint in everyone’s pots for another day).

How it works //

Doors open at 4:00 pm. You and your friends arrive anytime after that. When you purchase an admission ticket, you are randomly assigned a number. On the main floor is a massive amount of amazing and affordable art. This is the exhibition part: look around for the piece you’ve just won and say hello to other winners. And then there is the party part:  enjoy rare soul and jazz tunes spun by deejay Bill Zindel, grab some light refreshments including local beers and wines and a photo booth where the proud new owner and their work of art can be captured together. In our lounge you can kick back and watch a special film screening of a new movie about the Art Center’s artists and meet some the amazing artists featured in the film. At 5:30 pm, you can remove your art from the wall and take it home or you can hang around and trade your art.

What it costs //

For a 6 x 6” randomly-chosen pieces of art and one admission to the party, tickets are $50 each. For a 6 x 6” piece of art pre-selected by you and one admission to the party, tickets are $100 each.

For a 12 x 12” randomly-chosen pieces of art and one admission to the party, tickets are $100 each. For a 12 x 12” piece of art pre-selected by you and one admission to the party, tickets are $200 each.

For a 24 x 24” randomly-chosen pieces of art and one admission to the party, tickets are $200 each. For a 24 x 24” piece of art pre-selected by you and one admission to the party, tickets are $400 each.

One other big thing //

If you really want to support the Art Center (and we know you do), consider attending our exclusive VIP pre-reception. Beginning at 3:00 pm VIPs will participate in a special drink-making workshop led by mixologist Haley Samas-Berry (you’ll get to take your concoction home with you), nosh on delicious hand-crafted hor d’oeuvres (from a top local chef), grab your new Ethical Apparel x NIAD Art Center collab t-shirt and enjoy a meet-and-greet with NIAD artists. Admission to the VIP pre-reception is $300, which includes a randomly-chosen 24 x 24” piece of art. And, yes, you get to stay for the rest of Win Win.

How it supports NIAD //

NIAD Art Center Art has crafted a supportive and successful studio program for artists with disabilities, enabling them to use the conversations of the contemporary art world to create works that reveal the narratives of their lives. We’ve been able to do it for more than three decades. And we’ve been able to do it because of the support we garner from the community at events like this.

The artists included in the exhibition are //

James Aarons, Saul Alegria, Chris Ashley, Angela Baker, Anne Beck, Gina Borg, Eddie Braught, Vanessa Bravo, Rebecca Buckwalter, Tim Buckwalter, Maria Guzman Capron, Sam Carr-Prindle, John Casey, Jim Christensen, Heather Copus, Arista Dawson, Deb Dyer, Catherine Haley Epstein, Luis Estrada, Carlos Fernandez, Dan Golden, Liam Golden, Peter Gravener, Felicia Griffin, Michael Hall, Jeff Hantman, Shana Harper, Peter Harris, Cliff Hengst, Scott Hewicker, Ashley Hinceman, Peggy Blei Hracho, Jen Huh, GraceMarie Keaton, Kathleen King, M P Landis, Matthew Langley, Donzell Lewis, Julia Lipovsky, Anissa Mack, Scott MacLeod, Raymond McKenzie, Sara Malpass, Pam Martin, Erica Martinez, Karen May, Cheryl Meeker, Kim Miskowicz, Marlon Mullen, Tomoko Murakami, Michael Olivo, Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh, Amelia Opie, Anthony Pinata, Maria Radilla, Lisa Tarkett Reed, Lisa Rock, Julio Rodriguez, Mike Roth, San Quentin Prison Arts Program, Jessica Snow, Lisa Solomon, Mark Taylor, Danny Thach, Micke Tong, Jonathan Valdivias, Christian Vassell, Jonathan Velazquez, Jamie Walsh, Erin Wheeler, Ryan Whelan, Billy White, Deirdre White, Ian Williams, Matthew Wilson, Michelle Wilson, Jim Winters, and Nina Zurier.

Our Event Sponsor //

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Our Beer Sponsor //

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Our Artworld Sponsors //

Michael Abrams, Adams and Ollman, Atlanta Contemporary, Tim Buckwalter, Anne Collier, Jack Fischer Gallery, Gerasimos Floratos, Justine Frischmann, Matthew Higgs, JTT Gallery, Left Field Gallery, Rebecca O’Leary Art Advisory, The Good Luck Gallery, and John Zurier.